It always ends.

What always ends? Movies, games, sickness, but most importantly, life. Life ends and, until Christ comes back, lives will continue to end on this vicious circle known as life.

This week someone’s life that I knew ended in a simple car crash; I hadn’t known him long, but I still knew him. Unfortunately, another one of his friends that I know a little bit better was also in the wreck and is in critical care in Vanderbilt. A long life is not guaranteed… to anyone. Sure you can workout and eat all of your vegetables to hopefully prolong it, but that does not assure you a long life. 

When you die, the world does not stop. It keeps going. You are just a speck on this Earth and after everyone that knew of you dies, no one will remember you. Now I am not saying this to depress you, but to get you thinking–to make you realize that this world does not revolve around YOU. What you do on this earth determines whether people will remember you or not. Will you make a lasting difference?

How will you be known? 

Will you make a lasting difference?


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