What it must be like to know that someone is waiting on your return and will embrace your tired soul after a long day of work.

To pour every deep thought that you have always wanted to share with someone to that one person and know that through it all, they will still love you.

Giving birth to your very first child and squeezing your husband’s hand and knowing that he will never leave you, but will be there every step of the way.

Looking into your child’s eyes and knowing that you and your husband made this thing. This amazing piece of art that you will end up pouring your soul in to.

Watching your husband and toddler play together and wondering how you could possibly love something any more than what you do.

To have someone there to hold you when you cry about the first time your child tells you that they hate you, even though you know in a day or maybe even a couple of hours they will forget all about it.

To mourn with you when you lose one of your parents. To be there for you completely and wholly and to pick you up when you think you can move no longer.

Holding your first grandchild and noticing that their little smile is the one that you have woken up to every morning for years and years to come.

Rubbing your hand over your lover’s wrinkles and thinking that he just gets better with age.

Standing there. Just standing there with your heart broken–doing your best to hold back the tears but to no avail. Knowing that your strong tower is laying there helpless and that no matter how much you want to take his pain away, there is nothing you can do.

Slowly you walk into the church. Your mind tells you to stop and turn around but you keep moving forward to the black box that encapsulates your husband. All the memories come flooding back as the tears flood forward. “Until death do us part” seemed like such a long time away. How could it have come so quickly?

Cherish what you have when you have it. For it all leaves so quickly.


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