Greatly blessed.

so let me tell you a little bit about my new life!

God has blessed me in the most amazing ways! When I moved here I felt like this is where God wanted me to be. But, the longer I am here the more I realize that this is where I know God wants me to be. I have never felt so sure of anything in my life. In fact, just driving around today with the windows down (It was like 60 degrees today!), music up,  Monica’s dog Dawson and my dog Daisy with their heads and tongues out the window, I don’t think you could have wiped the smile off my face if you tried.

During the first week that I lived here I had combined a list of reasons why I felt I was supposed to be here. This is what I came up with:

1. The weekend that I needed a place to move in to, Monica’s roommate moved out the day before so I was able to move right in.

2. I was really worried about money and whether I would be able to get my family Christmas presents this year because I really wanted to. When I went to check my online banking, I was expecting to see somewhere around 400 dollars when, instead, I found 1,000. That gave me enough to pay for first month’s rent and buy Christmas presents with even a little bit left over!

3. I decided that I wanted to get plugged into a church as soon as possible because that was really important to me. I chose Calvary Chapel, or rather, God did. My first game night at their singles group, the leader of it all Kyle Hawkins was about to get married and told everyone, “Don’t think just because you haven’t found anyone yet that you are going to be forever single because you guys are only like 20 or 21.” If you don’t know me well, let me assure you that that is something that has REALLY been on my heart is seeing most of my friends get engaged or married and I have felt for a while that I am going to be “forever alone”.

That was something that I REALLY needed to hear!

4. The first actual Saturday night service that I went to, the sermon was, “Where God leads, God provides.”

There is just so much that went into me being here and the perfect, unquestionable timing that God tends to have for everything.

Today was the first actual warm day since I have been here and with that I took Daisy for a walk all throughout downtown Chattanooga and actually was able to give directions to someone! (Mom, be proud). Work is going well and I am finally learning most all that I need to know, minus a few minor details. Unfortunately, I have had to learn a few lessons that hard way but I can assure you that they won’t happen again! The roommate situation with my best friend is going really well! I was a little bit unsure of it because I didn’t want to “ruin our friendship” but honestly, everyday I get to spend with her and talk to her I realize just HOW BLESSED I am to have a friend like her. I don’t know where I would be without her. It’s just SO cool having someone (outside your family) whom you can tell anything to and not feel like you’re going to be judged. I have almost been here a month and I feel like we have grown so much in our friendship. So thankful for her!

So many blessings and so many more to come I’m sure.

Until then,

Sarah Joy.


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