I admit that I have been an anti-love person for probably about three years now (if you have been around me for a day you already knew this). Not all love of course–I love my family, God, animals, hiking, outdoors, etc. But when it came to relationships I backed off–or rather chased off. 

I have had the best role models for love and successful relationships. My Mom and Dad, Nana and Papa, Grandma and Grandpa, and basically every one of my aunts and uncles. I have been spoiled in the ways of love. However, no matter the role models that I have I have still strayed from the ways that I have been taught. It’s funny because most of the guys that I have found interests in the past have told me how cool they thought it was that I had morals and how respectable it was. But, it’s like they found me to be a challenge–a means to see if they could get me to drop them. They acted like they cared until I wouldn’t give them what they wanted and then they dropped me. Let me tell you that this is in no way a pity-party–I am glad that they dropped me because I do not need a man like that in my life. I don’t want a man like that teaching and helping me raise my future children. Whomever I marry must be on the same side as me when it comes to morals because morals are something that is greatly lacking in today’s world. I think that is one of the reasons why this world is so bad off. 

Oh wow, look at that tangent I just went on. I tend to be really good at straying from the point.

After making many mistakes along my way in relationships, I feel like for once I am where God wants me to be. At the point of not feeling like I absolutely need a boyfriend and just being content in where He has placed me. I know that if I personally search for “Mr. Right” I will find Mr. Wrong and I have found several Mr. Wrongs. But through the Mr. Wrongs, as bad as they were for me, I do not regret them because, through them, I have grown and grown into the woman that I am today. I like to think that I am a mature twenty-one year old–although some days I may not act like it. 

I feel ready and excited for when I meet him–my “Mr. Right”, “the one”, “my better half”, “the missing piece”. I feel hopeful to meet the man that I have been praying for for so many years; the guy to show me that not all men are bad and that it was totally worth the wait and the heartache to find him. 

Until then, 






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