Someone turn down the lights

One of my favorite songs at the moment is, “Architecture” by Jonathan Thulin. If you have never heard this song, I strongly urge you to go and listen to it right now because it is just beautiful. 

This whole song is just a ballad that worships God for his architecture–what he has created for us and how beautiful and perfect that it all is. 

There is a line in the song that goes, 

If only I could see it from your perspective, the beauty and the grace of your archeticture…”

This line got me thinking…

All of the things that are on my bucket-list have to do with God’s “architecture” in some way. Like, 1) see the northern lights and 2) drive out into the desert where there are no lights and look at the stars. 

The stars and really anything that have to do with the sky are my favorite of God’s creations, I think. When I was younger and living in Valley Center, California, my dad and I would grab blankets and go lay out on the bench outside and count how many satellites and shooting stars we would see until we fell asleep or decided to go inside. Valley Center was a little dairy town at the bottom of the mountain that really had no lights–to say the stars were beautiful would definitely be an understatement. 

Anyhoozles, before I get off on some tangent, let me redirect myself to the point. I want to go out to the desert because there are no distractions–there are no lights so I can get a clear view of God’s design. The lights are man-made and they provide so much distraction from what really matters. If we don’t get away from the world, or the lights, then we won’t be able to see God’s plan, or God’s beauty clearly. We will be squinting and hoping that we can catch a glimpse of God’s design. 

We need to pull ourselves from the world and the distractions

Maybe to do this it means that we will have to hike up to some mountain where there is no cell phone service. Or maybe if you live in the city it is just to turn your phone off for an hour per day. Find out what your lights are in this world and try to dissolve them. It doesn’t have to be for all eternity but it should be for maybe a couple times per day. 

What are the lights in your life?

Until next time

Sarah Joy.


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