Blessed beyond measure.

Lately I haven’t posted because I have felt less than inspired so I apologize for not posting like I should.

Now to start this awesome Godly-inspired blog. God has blessed me in HUGE ways that I cannot even begin to understand why a sinful person like me deserves this. I’m going to start from about two weeks ago. It was a Sunday morning and I woke up to an envelope taped to the screen door that stated that Monica and Corey had gone “hammock-ing” and if I needed them that they would be somewhere in the trees. So, while baking some banana nut muffins for when they got back, I decided that I was going to take Daisy hiking on Signal Point (a trail that I had been shown just a week earlier from my friend Matt and thoroughly enjoyed). I knew it wasn’t a hard trail so I packed up a backpack and left with my camera in tow.

I was really eager to take pictures of the swinging bridges there which are just beautiful–these are also about 30 minutes into the trail. 



In order to get a picture like the one above, I decided I needed to climb down the rocks underneath to get a proper picture. While climbing down, my shoe lost traction and I slid to the side which I caught myself with my pinky and ring finger. My pinky must have taken most of the blow because the top half it was facing back towards me.


It looked just like that beaut except it was inward just a little bit more. Ouch! After having to put it back in place, I was just about to pass out so I plopped quickly down the rock I was standing on that way I wouldn’t fall to my death. Once I sat down, I realized that my knee hurt–this particular day, I decided that it would be a smart idea to wear my knee brace (I have a faulty left knee). I looked down at my knee thinking that it was probably bleeding. This part is just such a God thing–when I looked down at my knee which had the brace on it, I had a little bit of scratches underneath but the velcro which is doubled up, was split completely in half. If I was not wearing that brace, my knee would have been completely split open. After feeling like I was going to pass out, I text Monica saying that, “I just broke my pinky… like bad”. She calls me right away and Corey tells her to tell me that they are on the way. I start hiking back to the beginning so I can meet them and within about 15 minutes, I see them running down the trail with a backpack in tow. In this backpack, they have a make-shift splint, aspirin, an ice pack, a cliff bar (cause “you’re not supposed to take aspirin on an empty stomach”-Monica). Once we get back to the car, Monica drives me back in my car. What cool friends I have!!! 

I honestly was in awe after we got back at how lucky I am to have them in my life.

Later that night, I called my supervisor Cathy asking if I could be late to work so I could go to the Urgent Care in the morning to make sure it wasn’t broken–she said, “of course!” At the urgent care I learned that it wasn’t broken, but I had dislocated it and probably tore a lot of the muscles and ligaments around it. They give me this pinky brace which was pathetic, haha (I work at a brace place so I guess I am pretty spoiled in that way). Once I get to work, they fit me with an ulnar gutter splint. That probably doesn’t mean anything to you so this is what it looks like. 


After telling my co-worker, Cora, about what they said about the ligaments, she called up Dr. Lund’s nurse and got me an appointment there in a few hours (people wait for appointments there for sometimes weeks and I got one that day). I was told that I didn’t need surgery or anything but I needed to work on stretching it out so the ligaments would return back to normal. (Let me tell you, that is SO painful!!) 

Then of course I had to explain what happened to my whole gym family which was kind of embarrassing and upsetting. But they reassured me that I was pretty hard core for being able to be able to put it back in place myself. 

A week later, last Wednesday, I was finally able to do a little bit of pull-ups as long as I didn’t use my pinky. I had my fingers “buddy-taped” but then the tape got sweaty and started falling off so I just took it off and continued my workout. I was doing cable rows at this time, and when I reached for the handles, my pinky got snagged where you put your feet and re-ripped and re-tore everything. I quickly jumped up trying not to make a scene with my eyes full of tears. As I was walking to the locker room to regain my composure, one of the guys Stacey, stopped me asking what had happened and if I was okay. Then, Steve ran over asking how I was and yelled at one of the trainers to get me some tape. There is a trainer there that always picks on me and makes fun of me (I know he is kidding of course)  but he runs over and gets some tape and wraps it up telling me “This is really going to hurt–feel free to slap me” and “I don’t like you being like this because I can’t fun of you when you’re hurt”. Another trainer, Mike, gets me an ice pack and makes sure that I am okay to drive home. 

Again, I am SO IN AWE  of the people that God has placed in my life. I may be away from my biological family–but I have gained so much new family here! 

Let me just say, as much as it sucked re-doing my thumb, I met so many new friends that I had never spoke to at the gym before so my family just keeps on growing! 

Thank you LORD for my old and new family!

Just had to share that with you all! 🙂

Until next time,

Sarah Joy.


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