Just keep swimming.

Yesterday I decided to venture out on a walk with my pup, Daisy (daze, crazy daisy, sugarbutt.. the names go on and on). We went to a 180-acre farm in the next town over Hixson, called Greenway Farms. It has a large fenced in dog park and there are several trails that you can venture down. So, knowing Daisy the way I do, I decided I would take her to the dog park first so that she could get all of her energy out as well as get sick of dogs right away (she has a bad habit of whining every time she sees one. And I mean EVERY time). I can’t ever complain about not having a friendly dog because everytime she sees something move she thinks she has to say hi to it. 

Love her though. 

We decided, or rather I decided, that we were going to venture down the trail and see where it lead. I barely ran into anyone along this trail and it was really peaceful and fun following where the trail decided to take me. However, about 30 minutes down the trail I started getting a little bit anxious because the trail just kept going with no sign that it would return to the beginning like I originally thought. I kept thinking should I turn around or just keep walkingI decided that I was just going to keep walking and hope that through all this work, I would reach an end because I was becoming very tired. 

After walking for about an hour, I came up to a very old house. I have been told that that house is an original from one of the wars. Normally I would walk by any creepy/sketchy sorts of houses but this one drew me in and I decided that I was going to take my camera and venture inside. 

While walking on the front porch, I thought that I might fall through because it was very creaky as I walked. But this home, although old, was so beautiful to me. If I would have turned around instead of kept chugging through the trail, I would never have found it. I would have completely surpassed it. Finally, with much relief, I reached the beginning again and was able to happily plop down in my car. 

But, once I reached the end I got to thinking (I think a LOT, maybe too much). That hike–the trail that I was on was very significant and very reflective of what most/all of us go through in life. God takes us through these times which can be very exhausting physically and mentally and a lot of us think we can avoid it all-together and turn around and return back to where our “comfort zone” is. Even though we want to turn around, if we keep following the winding trail that God has for us, even though it seems never ending, there is an end and if we keep trucking through life, we will eventually find it. In some cases, there will be many tears and hardships along the way but, like the cabin, God will reveal beautiful things to us along the way. In every hardship, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We will not find the light if we just throw in the towel and give up.

God is the light and even though following Him promises hardships. He also promises beauty through it all.

Focus on the beauty and don’t ever, EVER give up. 

Love you friends,

Sarah Joy.


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