And here we go again.

This beautiful morning I decided to wake up at 5:30 so I could get up and go to Stone Cup before work this morning and be the first person here when it opened. I just have SO much that I have to talk about. Most of which I will not get to right now due to the fact that I have to leave in about seven minutes to get to work. This week has been a tough one for sure–Sunday night I had a three hour panic attack which I am not sure what even brought it on. I forgot how scary those things were! You see, ever since I have started working out the panic and depression disorders have been thrown out the window which has been such a God thing. However, the devil knows how to get to me and knows how devastatingly paralyzing those things can be to me. I can’t move, I can’t breathe, even my thinking is clouded. It would be totally different if I could think clearly because then I might be able to talk myself out of it, but, it’s like my brain decided to go out vacationing (Awesome). So that was Sunday night. Then, Monday night I ended up crying for three hours. While I know what my crying was about I am not sure if I want to place that on here. But through all the crying, I was shown yet again just how AWESOME my support system is that God has placed in my life. My little sister, one of the toughest people that I know, got on the phone and tried to calm me down and ended up crying on the phone along with me. Although that made me cry harder, I feel like through that little speck of heartbreak, my sister and I got closer than we were before (if that were even possible).



My mom always told me that my little sister would be my best friend someday but I never believed her. How could someone six years younger than me even begin to understand what I go through? I am not really sure but all I can tell you is that she is too wise for her years.

I love you to the moon and back Abby!

To the girl that makes me laugh more than anyone has before…

“You can be big’ chocolate and I’ll be lil’ Nilla”-Abby

“I’m a pirate”

“So you finally got to talk to the guy you liked, huh Abby?”-Me. “Yes”-Abby. “What did you guys talk about??”-Me. “I don’t even remember but I know that it was great.”-Abby.

Sarah Joy.


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