What is this nonsense?! 2 blog posts in one week?? 

Yet again, I have found myself at Stone Cup in North Shore in Chattanooga. I definitely have to say that this is my favorite place in Chattanooga. I love the atmosphere and the people that come through here. Perfect place for people-watching!

I just got back from Tullahoma this morning after spending most of the weekend there. Needless to say, I am very happy to be back. I missed Chattanooga! While I was in Tullahoma this weekend I spent a while talking to my older brother Paul about a lot of things honestly. But something that stuck out to me was when he asked me how I liked Chattanooga. Most people ask me this when I come home to visit and my answer is always the same, “I love it!” That was my answer to Paul, and he told me that he wasn’t as fond of Chattanooga as he was of Nashville. My opinion is exactly the other way. I am not really a fan of Nashville. He went on to explain that Chattanooga was too, “Hippy-ish”. Then it hit me–that’s why I love it!

Chattanooga is practically preaching, “love”. You can talk to practically anyone in Chattanooga and have a full blown conversation and not even know the person. Everyone (and I do mean everyone) is welcome here! It is rare that you find judgement here, whereas, that seems to be the common theme in Tullahoma. It is SO different from Tullahoma and that is why I love it. I can go out wearing whatever I want–I might go out wearing full-on workout gear or maybe even a dress and heels or a dress and boots and no one looks at me weird at all. So refreshing! 

If you want to feel accepted, move to Chattanooga–do it! Of course there will be the debby-downers (there will always be the debby-downers) but mostly everyone will love you and be willing to talk to you about anything and everything.

Just wanted to brag on my city a little bit here.

-Sarah Joy


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    1. Oops! Sorry about that 🙂 iPhone issues. As I was saying, haha, thanks so much for following Hot Tea and the Empty Seat! My husband and I just moved to Chatt a year ago. I LOVE IT! I have yet to check out Stone Cup but now I am itching to! 🙂 looking forward to getting to know you through the blogging world & maybe we will run into each other one day! Blessings!


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