First love

So last night at church we sang this song which is absolutely beautiful called, “Our First Love”. It basically goes on to say that God is our first love and He will, inevitably, be our last love. This got me thinking a lot. Whenever someone was to ask me who my first love was it would always be the same answer–Charles. In reality, Jesus Christ at the age of five years old became my first love. Not everyone has this opportunity to have Him as their first love but I did!

So, lately as I have written about I have been getting frustrated about the fact that no one has seemed to have wanted me. HELLO! Jesus–Jesus has wanted me all along even if I may not have wanted Him. I want HIM to be my first and last love. Instead of looking for a so-called “love” I am going to focus on my one love, until He decided to bring me someone second to Him. That, needs to be my outlook instead of “woe is me”. Ya know?

Have we grown so numb, that we’ve forgotten where we’re from

how far away have we run from our first love

we have sight but do not see,

our ears fail to hear you speak

wake us from our restless sleep

to our first love

you are our first love–you are our first love

so draw us closer, ever closer Lord.

You’ll be our last love, you will be our last love

so draw us closer, ever closer Lord.

What a beautiful ballad to our “first love”. We need to focus on pulling closer to our first love because our of everything and everyone he is the only one who will never leave us no matter how many chances we have pushed at His feet. That, my dear friends, is so amazing to me. If our God was one that ran away when times became troubled, how many of us would still have Him by our sides? I know I wouldn’t. I have presented so many opportunities to God to just leave me in the dust and not give me a second look–but somehow, He is still with me pulling me through the muck and mire that is life and He will continue to do that for me.

How great is our God?

Until next time dear friends,



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