Last night I was having a movie night with one of my roommates, Celina, when I received a text from my brother Aaron’s phone which stated, “Aaron was in a car accident tonight and Matt got hurt a little bit. We are in the emergency room right now. He is not hurt too bad, but his arm hurts lots. Aaron seems to be ok but pretty shaken up.” Normally, If asked, I would tell people that I am a pretty laid back person but this practically made me jump up from the couch. I quickly replied asking for more details and apparently he accidentally ran a stop light and got hit head on. His car is totaled. Luckily, we were taught to not go anywhere without our seat belts on– the air bags deploying and the seat belts saved their lives. Fortunately, Matty did not have any broken bones but his arm is apparently really bruised as well as scraped from the airbag–His neck and ear on the right side is bloody and bruised from the seat belt. 

I always knew that I loved my family, but living an hour and a half away from them has made me realize just how MUCH I love them. My family is my life and at the drop of a hat I would drive back to Tullahoma if one of them needed me. God’s grace saved my brothers– God’s protecting hand guarded my brother’s lives. God is a pretty cool guy if I do say so myself. 

Several times in my life I have wondered why my life has been spared in certain situations. Why were my brother’s lives spared? Because we serve an AMAZING God! I know that their lives were spared because God is not done working in their lives yet–that His amazing plans are not completed and that my brother’s lives will be spared until His works are finished. 

Thank you God for watching over my family.



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