To my sister

Abigail Grace,
I miss having you right across the hallway to talk to. However, living apart from you has made me cherish our times together so much more. You have become my best friend and I remember telling so many people over the years that you and I would never be friends. Look at us now! You know that last guy that I liked so much, David? That night I called you guys and bawled my heart out over the phone? Yeah, I remember it clearly too. You want to know what was so memorable about that night to me? The fact that when you got on the phone to talk to me, you cried with me. You told me that if we both wait patiently you and I would both find someone that God has chosen for us—that right then, it wasn’t my time. You are such a strong individual and to hear you actually let yourself break down along with me meant more to me than anything. My second favorite memory of us, was sitting at the bar at Stone Cup throwing questions back and forth to each other—making you think of your favorite qualities about yourself (physically and mentally), what we both want in a boyfriend, what we both want in a husband, what we have thought about naming our kids, whether you would rather be born or go back and stop the holocaust from happening, you know normal things.
For all of you that do NOT know, that last question (i.e. would you rather be born or go back and stop the holocaust from happening and never be born) was a “would you rather” question that Abby threw at me. We don’t play around.
You are turning into such an amazing and beautiful woman and I am so proud of everything that you have accomplished. You already know what you want and don’t want in life which is WAY more than I knew at your age! It’s even more than I know now! I admire you so much and I am so so thankful to be able to call you my sister. I am also thankful that my kids will get to call you Sister Margaret. How cool are we?

Your sister,
Sister Katherine.
(Sarah Joy)


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