the longings of my tired soul

my soul. my soul longs for everything. it longs for the beauty of the rain hitting the windows as the sound floods the hallways. it longs to be sitting in a lounge chair in silence with the only sounds being the quiet thumping of my laptop keyboard.

my soul. it longs to see a narrow path flooded around by evergreen trees to hike up. it longs to feel the crisp breeze of fall kissing my cheeks as it slowly ploys through the sky.

it longs to lay in a statuesque field of grass in a sundress and just stare up at the constantly moving clouds. to smell the dead leaves amass the ground.

peace. my soul longs for peace. change. my soul longs for change. change in location. change in jobs. change in the world. i want to be someone who people will talk about for years to come because for once, just once, i didn’t stand passive in this world. for once, i am a christian who stands up for what i believe–to love those who love the right things, to love those who love the wrong things. to show women that their body is a temple–not to be harmed but to be loved and show others how to love it. i long to clasp my own words and bury them in my heart and to love myself.

as i sit here with my ear buds in and look around i can’t help but see just a whole bunch of God’s beautiful creations. of course they don’t see it but i can’t help but to see it. God’s creation is flawless–it’s divergent. It is astounding.

it can be hurtful, it can be mind or even soul crushing–but in the end, it is God. God. There are no mistakes in his conception, in His adulation.

he made us. me. you. He made us in his image. he is beauty–therefore, we are beauty. he is love–therefore, we have such a strong capacity to love. he is wisdom. therefore, the wisdom that we could hold and use is endless. yet, we use it for petty things. men–woman, sex, drinking, drugs, clothing, food, etc.

i long for a better world. where people love one another because they cant help themselves–because it is natural for them and it just flows out of them without an ending. where others build you up instead of tear you down. i long to see humans thinking about the things of God rather than the things of men. i love for so much yet so little.

i long for things to be the way that God created them–not the way the fiend keeps pushing for it to be.

long with me. long for others to see the light like i do. however, do not make the mistake of just longing for it. do something with your longing. do something big–huge with that longing. do you know where that longing came from? God–only God. let that longing take over your very being. breathe in the longing and breathe out the change. if not us then, who? who else is going to do it.

i long for you to let your soul be radically changed.

i long to let my soul to be radically changed.


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