Waiting on the right timing

When I was a child, my mom would make desserts for after dinner and, for someone with a sweet tooth, I remember it being absolute torture having to wait until after dinner before I could eat that tasty treat. All I could focus on was that cookie or that brownie all throughout dinner. It could have possibly been the best meal of my life but do I remember it? Nope. I just remember that dessert.

Isn’t that so true about life though? We try rushing through our day to days to get to the best part. Rarely ever do we find ourselves enjoying the “now”. In fact, when we have to wait on God’s timing, it seems to take FOREVER. Take it from someone who knows. We need to take everything day by day.

Taste that fresh fall air and feel that sticky humidity without wishing it were the next season. Enjoy the single life without waiting and wishing that there were someone else besides just, well… us. After all tomorrow is never promised and all we have is today. So make the best of it. Accept what is bask in the glory of this moment–good or bad, it will be worth it in the end. God will change you through this and He will mold you into who He created you to be.


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