But I am not confident enough

This has been something that God has laid on my heart lately. God loves it when we share Him with anyone–unbelievers, believers, fence-sitters, right? Yes. But what if you are too shy and don’t have the confidence to share Him with others? I will admit that about certain things I am the most confident person you will ever meet. When it comes to my own strength, physically, I am confident. When it comes to my writing abilites or photography abilites I am pretty darn confident. However, when it comes down to the possibility or rejection, I shy away from many opportunities.

Through the past few months God has taught me that I can love on others and be completely for Him even if I feel like I am too shy. For instance, last weekend I sat in traffic for 2 and a half hours and only moved about 15 miles on my way home from my brother’s wedding. We eventually got to a wreck where a semi truck was completely split down the half and I couldn’t even believe what my eyes saw. Instantly, God just placed in my heart that I needed to pray for everyone included–for comfort for their family if they had passed, for strength to fight through their pain and not to give up the fight, and for Him to be shown to them through that experience.

At this coffee shop that I am sitting at, there is this girl sitting next to me talking to her boyfriend just crying. Again, God placed in my heart that I needed to pray for her–that through whatever she might be going through, she would be willing to listen as well as look to God.

You, yes you, can show God’s love through everything. EVERYTHING. The sweetest patient that we have at work was bawling her eyes out when I walked into the room to ask her a question. After asking her if everything was okay, she told me that the doctor had to do a biopsy on her leg because he found something suspicious and she just sat there terrified of the unknown. Instead of just walking out and shying away, God told me to sit there for a while and talk to her and encourage her that everything was going to be okay and that I would be praying for her. The look on her face and how quickly she stopped crying after just talking to her was amazing. I couldn’t believe that something little ole’ me said could stop a frightened woman from crying. It was/is so neat what could happen if you just listen to what God is telling you to do. In the end, it was not Sarah Qua that stopped her from crying. It was the Lord Jesus Christ who initiated and worked through me, to comfort her.

In the end, you may be too shy to start a deep conversation with everyone about the Lord, but you can show His love and keep your ears so close to God’s lips that everyone automatically sees HIM through YOU even in the darkest of circumstances.

Peel your ears open to what He wants you to do and see. It’s amazing what can come through that.


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  1. Larry says:

    God has been teaching me the other side of this. As I’ve been going through dealing with burden God has asked me to carry I cried out to him asking for help because it was getting too heavy. He responded with, “You have no idea the number of people I have praying for you, friends and family who don’t even know why I’ve have put you on their hearts. There are people you’ve never met and they are praying for you too. I may have given you this, but I didn’t just walk away.”

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