It has been a year since my life changed dramatically.

Well, that marks it. A whole year of living and surviving on my own.

It has been a tough but very rewarding year and I feel like I have grown into such a strong woman capable of anything that may come my way.

I have learned so many things throughout this year–I have learned just how much I admire as well as appreciate my family. There have been a few times I have called my mom and dad on the phone crying about something that happened throughout my day. But instead of crying to them because I need them, I am crying just because I need their advice which, I’m sure, will be what happens for the rest of our lives.

I have learned that God lets things happen in your life that may seem extremely unfortunate at the time, but can become a blessing in disguise. For example, on the way home from Thanksgiving I wrecked on the interstate and totaled my car. How can totaling your car be a blessing you may be wondering? Well, right before I totaled my car, I was beginning to stress because my car was needing a lot of things to be fixed and was in essence, breaking down in several different ways. It needed new tires, something was wrong with the transmission, the battery probably needed to be replaced, the oil needed to be changed, etc. I was stressing because I didn’t want to have to drain all of my savings on a car (even though that is really what I have it for). Needless to say, insurance totaled my car and wrote me a check that was actually more than I paid for that car!! They finished paying off my loan and I was able to put down $5200 on a new-to-me car. A Ford Escape! What seemed like a total loss (pun intended) and an extreme hassle, turned into a huge blessing–this car drives like a dream–new tires, just had oil changed and best of all I feel so safe in it. Also, it has racks on the top for my kayak!

I have learned that as life changes, so do people. People you were super close to may not stay that way and that is okay. That is, in all its glory, life. It doesn’t mean that you will become estranged but it just means that you’re growing apart and heading different directions in life.

I have learned just how much dogs (or pets) are a blessing. The past two days I have been without my baby because since I was going to be in Chattanooga for only two days this week, I would leave her at home to run around and have a good time. However, without my little girl, I have slept so badly. She normally is my blanket and produces so much body heat that sometimes I cannot stand to be near her–the past two nights I have about froze to death. Also, the apartment is so much creepier without her there because she is my security and will jump at the slightest noise. Shelter dogs, ya’ll–treat them right and they will give you twice the love back.

I have also learned more of course but there is too much to share in such a short time. I only have approximately 36 more minutes until I get to head home for Christmas!

Let’s just end this blog with this– God is a pretty great guy and always looking out for you even when it seems torturous (and sometimes it is, in fact, torturous). If you keep your eye open to what He has in store for you you will be rewarded.

Trust me.

Until next time fellow bloggers.

Sarah J


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  1. Larry Babcock says:

    Awe, you’re not alone.

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