An update on life

It seems like forever since I have ventured into the blogging lifestyle. I must say that I have missed it! So many things have changed as well as well as some things, unfortunately, always stay the same.

First, after months of praying about a new roommate/living situation, out of desperation I wrote a facebook status that was pleading for any leads towards one. Luckily, one of my friends from the gym Holly commented on it and stated that she had her own house and that she had not one–but TWO master bedrooms! (woohoo!) On the way home to Thanksgiving, I dropped by to take a tour of the house and see if it would be a good fit. It seemed right and she told me that I could paint my room as well as bathroom whatever colors I wanted (I ended up going with an olive green for the bedroom and a wine purple for the bathroom). On January 18th my gym family/best friends helped me move my things over to Holly’s house and my life has not been the same since. For the first time since moving out of my parent’s house I feel like I am home. Really, home. Check this out–if she beats me home, she even takes Daisy out of her crate and lets her roam around until I get home! Whatttt!? Yes it is thirty minutes to work as well as back from work, but I love that drive. It gives me time to eat my breakfast on the way into work, pray on the way to work and just prepare my mind. This living situation could not have been a better fit and I know that in my heart. The last six to nine months of living in the apartment I have awfully small amounts of sleep. I would wake up at random times and stay awake for hours at a time. Since moving here I sleep like a baby all night long and it is actually hard to peel my eyelids open after the third or fourth snooze. What a difference the right living situation makes!!

Second, work changed for the better for a little bit and I was able to share that great news with some friends. However, since sharing that news work has gotten more and more grueling. I have never dreaded going to work this much before in my life. We started a new system at work which I was really nervous about at first but I have finally gotten the hang of it (Praise!) However, my coworker is really struggling and there are several tears throughout the day. Which I understand, however, she is not really able to help me because she is too busy running to the restroom to calm herself down. I have been really having/trying to work on my patience. Also, this new system takes twice the amount of time and work throughout the day. So things that people expected me to do before I can no longer do and the amount of work keeps piling up on my desk. Unfortunately, since these new added stresses have come about, my anxiety is pushing itself back into my life because I just become so overwhelmed. The past week as well as this week I have been at the point of tears all day long. So much so that instead of chatting between sets in the gym with my friends I have been keeping and blocking people out with my headphones because I just can’t pretend to be happy for them. I can’t do it. Sometimes the best way to describe my work is like an abusive relationship–I keep coming back for more and I just can’t quite it because I need the money and cannot go without even if I wanted to. Meanwhile, I can feel my happiness and optimism quickly leaving my heart.

Please keep me in your prayers, friends, for work.
Make sure to throw in a few praises though for my living situation as that it half of the battle.

Until a happier blog post?



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