Blessed more than we could even comprehend

Sometimes I can be in the middle of so much and yet God still finds a way to quiet my mind enough for him to enter. This time it was at church.

The theme for Calvary Chapel’s 2015 year is “5 in ’15”. What this means is there are now five services every weekend. Two on Saturday and three on Sunday. However, instead of someone preaching at all five of them (ain’t nobody got time fo dat), a lot of them are just recorded sermons from the four o clock hour. This has caused an uprise within my church family and community. I am definitely not exempt from the complaining attitude.

This past weekend my little brother came into town to go to church with me. Unfortunately, he was about 10 minutes late to my house and so it put us a little bit behind. We arrived at church for the eleven o clock service about 10 minutes late. There was no room in the sanctuary so we had to sit in the youth room and watch everything that happened on a screen in there–including watching the band on screen. This sucked and I was pretty upset because the main reason my brother came in to town was because he is thinking about moving up here and wanted to see my church because I am always bragging about it. This, I felt, would sway his opinion.

For the first twenty minutes of the service I was sitting in my seat sulking. This is so dumb is what I kept thinking. Then it’s like God hit me in the head with a thought. The thought was this: Sarah, do you even realize how lucky you are to be in a church? Who cares about seeing the band live, or seeing a preacher live. You have MY Word in your hands. How many people are having to sneak around just to talk with fellow christians about me let alone worship.

There are people in the middle east getting captured by ISIS just because of their belief for Christ and here I am sitting, sulking, because I am sitting in the other half of the building and not getting to see things live. How selfish am I for even thinking that way?

Brothers and sisters, let’s focus on the big picture here. We get to worship out in the open. We get to talk about Christ out in the open. I can carry my Bible with me wherever I want knowing that I am safe. How cool is that!!

So think before you complain–We are so blessed to live in a country that is free and I am so thankful that God chose for me to live here.

Until next time people.

Sarah Joy


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