The “I’m sorry” curse.

In this screwed up economy (with EVERYTHING having to be politically correct), people have been ostracized if they slip up and say something even by accident. Everyone has become so overly-sensitive to everything; therefore, the words “I’m sorry” have become extremely prevalent throughout day-to-day life.

Our company recently hired a new employee that I have been training and she apologizes for EVERYTHING. Everything. If she tells me her opinion of something (anything, really), she apologizes afterwards and tells me why her opinion was wrong? Okay, It is a great quality to be able to recognize when you are wrong and apologize, however, this is America and, as we all know, American prides itself on being the “land of the free”.

Be bold in what you say, stand firm in your beliefs and what you stand for in everyday life. Don’t apologize for stating how you feel about something (unless it is hurtful to someone else). If you are intentionally being mean then keep it to yo’self. But, if you feel strongly about something stand behind it. Don’t let this world scare you. Be brave–be bold, because that is EXACTLY what this country needs. We don’t need anymore wishy-washy, can’t-pick-a-side kind of people.

This is America people.



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