Today I am saddened. . .

I live in Chattanooga and work in what most people refer to as the ghetto. I work on the other side of the bridge from Erlanger. Yesterday there was a tragedy right down the road as well as across town from our office. Everything was on lock down and we had patients that cancelled their appointments strictly because of fear.

I can’t say I blame them in the least. I had a LOT of people calling in and checking on me and texting me and making sure I got to work safe as well as making sure that I got home safely. It makes me sad that the town I consider home as well as “the greatest city on earth” (totally my opinion but also true too) was victimized. I always considered Chatt a very safe place as well as so many other people and this has kind of shaken our core.

However, I am VERY very proud to call this my home and my city because throughout this tragedy, news stations have been commenting on how much love has been poured out from locals. This makes me so happy.

Pray for Chattanooga guys. Pray for the families who have lost their loved ones as well as the locals who are afraid to leave their house.

Love you all!



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