I can’t wait–can’t wait to take a step outside and feel the crisp breeze brush my cheek and lightly push away the hair circling my face.

I want to hear my alarm clock go off and have to debate how fast I should run to the hot steam of my morning shower so I don’t freeze during the two seconds in between.

I want to take off my towel and slide on a pair of jeans with a loosely knit sweater–while deciding which pair of boots I should wear.

I want to pull up chairs in a circle and light a campfire in the middle–all while scooting closer and closer to the heat because the cold wind is impeding my back.

I can’t wait to walk into a warm building and feel the blood slowly trickling back into my cheeks returning them back to their natural color–to wrap a thick blanket around me so I am so tightly knit in my own little cocoon.

I want sit in my chair and smell the strong scent of pumpkin bread drifting down the hallway.

Fall. Oh fall.

Please hurry


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