Moving a million miles a minute.. slow, slow, slow.

Have you ever just people watched? I don’t mean glancing at people every now and then either. I mean sitting there for a long period of time and just watching people–or even just driving on the interstate. People are ALWAYS in a hurry.

I work at a prosthetic office and if I don’t get someone back right at the time their appointment is, I usually get a lecture about how they have “places to be”. Everyone is in such a rush these days and no one just stops and smells the roses anymore. No one can just sit still and feel the breeze or enjoy the mountains while you’re driving towards them. Nothing is worth anyone’s time anymore. We have all lost complete passion for life in one way or another.

These past few weeks I have completely and utterly enjoyed my life. Now, don’t get me wrong–I have always enjoyed life, but lately I have just had so much fun. I have spent countless hours at my boyfriend’s lake house, my sister and I took a day trip to North Carolina for breakfast and lunch as well as some light shopping, I have sat outside and just read for hours at a time. It has been amazing.

When my little sister and I were coming back from Brevard, North Carolina (our favorite little town in America), we have to go up as well as down this mountain referred to as “The dragon’s tail” because it is 17 miles of treacherous pin-curl turns (Note: if you get motion sick AT ALL–make sure you are doing the driving). As I was following the road, I noticed a sign for an overlook and I just couldn’t get rid of my child-like curiosity–I had to pull off the main stretch. Boy was I glad!!

My heart stopped–stopped completely as I stared over miles and miles of North Carolina. So this is what it was like–to stop–to stop completely for even just a few moments as I glanced around at the beauty God created just for wandering hearts like mine. If I would have kept driving and ignored that feeling I had I would have missed it all. My little sister and I just stared for a while in silence.

This is what we saw:

FullSizeRender (4)

FullSizeRender (2)

Oh North Carolina you are always so good to us.

Guys! Imagine what life would be like if you just slowed your butts down–smelled the flowers, window shopped, laid down and looked at the stars for hours. Put away your phone and enjoy the conversations, stare deep into someone’s eyes and learn everything about them. Don’t miss out on these opportunities because soon they will be gone. There will always be time to rush –but if you rush so much you lose out on… everything. You miss out.

I pray that you have fun–do something you enjoy doing and have fun doing it!!

Peace out people.

Sarah J


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