It is a tough life being a woman

The title of this post basically describes everything that I am about to say to you–it is HARD being a woman.

Please, dear people, refer to this post:

Let’s just look at this article a little more in depth shall we? Most people in the United States know who Serena Williams is. She is a beast of a tennis player–so talented! Instead of the media or people in general praising her for the sport that she is incredible at, they are talking about her weight.

Take another look at that picture again. Do you see how strong her legs are? Do you even see how much muscle that woman has? That is amazing! In order for her to be a quick tennis player she must have strong legs. Depending on the person, sometimes strong does mean big.

We spend our whole lives staring at our imperfections in the mirror. If we’re lucky (warning: sarcasm alert), other people will stare and point our our imperfections too!! Personally, my biggest flaw (in my eyes) is my legs–they are huge and my thighs tough and rub together at the top. But, you know what? I also have huge hips. If my thighs did not touch and my legs were skinnier than what they are now, I would look so strange. For my legs to look proportional to my bone structure, I have to have big legs.

They are strong though! I even dead lifted my own body weight yesterday! 130 lbs!

I guess my whole point of this blog post is to let you know that everyone is going to point out your flaws. People are going to not like something in your appearance–that’s just what people do. But you know what? You, my dear friends, are beautiful and you need to realize that and see that. You are BLESSED to have that body. You are always going to compare yourself to someone who, in your eyes, is prettier than you. However, take comfort in the fact that even the “prettier” girl is comparing herself to someone else.

I like ya.

You’re beautiful.

Sarah j.


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  1. Wonderful post. It is a tough time to be a woman right now.

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