The Wind

I sit there curled p against the wall on the porch. I stare down and let the tremors take over me. How have I left myself return to this place? How have I gotten this low again? The darkness takes over and steals any energy I thought I had. he takes over and brings me yet again to a place a hopelessness. I have been here time and time again.

As sudden as the dark shows up, a cool calming breeze grabs  my hair and wisps it off of my face–out of my eyes. I take a deep breath and let the crisp air fill my lungs as I look up to the sky. It’s sunny and the sky is clear. Instantly, my head clears and my heart lightens. HEmy creator will take care of me. He will carry me when I can’t carry myself. When the darkness overwhelms me, the Lord can pull me and will pull me out of my pit.


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