So, as a quick update, things are going a lot better in the “love” department (thank goodness). I am a lot more stress free and feel like I am finally moving forward which is great! I am sure Ryan is probably happy about that too.

So, something that has been on my heart and mind lately is how hard it can be to be yourself sometimes. Especially when it comes to dating. It sounds silly but sometimes when I am about to go and see my boyfriend or even if I am with him I look in the mirror and think to myself “wow I look rough”. Which, maybe I do, but I want him to see me for who I am and for what I am and what I look like when I may not be picture perfect. If we end up together forever and always he is going to see that of me whether I want him to or not. There is no hiding anything once you are married.

One of my favorite things about the relationship that I am in now, is the day that he asked me to be his girlfriend (and I tell a lot of people about this…sorry Ryan). My favorite part about it was that we were getting ready to put the boat up after being on the lake all day and my hair was a disaster from lake water and being windblown for about six hours. It was in a messy bun on the top of my head–I don’t mean a cute, stylish messy bun but rather a “dear gosh what is living on the top of my head” messy bun. I also had remnants of my makeup smeared under my eyes. I remember getting into my car and looking in the mirror and thinking to myself, I can’t believe he wanted me to be his girlfriend. But, somehow I didn’t scare him off (thankfully).

So just be yourself ladies and gents. Be who you are on your best or worst days because if who you are dating does not like that then you should definitely not be with that person. Can you imagine what they might think when you first wake up in the morning? Um, no. If they don’t want you or like you on your worst day, then they do not deserve you AT ALL when you look your best.

Until next time loves…




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