2015. I’ve loved you.

As I pray on the way to work every morning I thank God for all the things that he has blessed me with and I try with all my being to remember everything. However, it might take me forever to name everything I have been blessed with in the year of 2015. Here is a short compilation regarding my thankfulness.

I am SO thankful for my family–whether I deserve it or not they are there for me through EVERYTHING. I can call them and they can talk me off of a cliff or they can give me advice about myself that I may not have seen by myself. I am thankful for my dad who is basically my twin and knows me more than anyone because he is exactly the same way–he can tell me why I might be feeling anxious or encourage me when depression strikes. I am thankful for my mom because she is always there to offer encouraging words and knows exactly when I need them. I could be having the worst day at work and she will send me a message letting me know that she loves me and is praying for me. I am thankful for my brothers who make me laugh so hard that my stomach hurts. I am so thankful for my sister Abby who texts me at least once a day with something hilarious and makes me burst into laughter suddenly. She goes on random road trips with me and joins in and fuels my concert addiction. I am thankful for my wonderful sister in law who offers me encouraging words and helps me get through my crazy work weeks. She is also willing to drop everything and hang out with me whenever I come into town and make that a point.

I am thankful for my boyfriend Ryan. He challenges me in every way possible. EVERY WAY. He challenges my thoughts, the way I handle things, the way I don’t handle things…etc. He encourages me throughout the week when I get really stressed and actually helps me relax (I’m not very good at that). But, I think I help him relax as well–so we balance each other out. He has helped me open up in ways that I never thought I would–tell him things about my past that I swore I never would because I didn’t want anyone to know. However, I feel so much better having said them. I feel lighter–happier.

I am thankful for my friend Larry. He constantly reminds me and shows me what true love is while he is waiting on his future wife. He is the first one to check on me if I write a negative blog or if I am texting in a different way. He shares me love for Michael Buble and coffee. He is someone who I never thought would be one of my best friends but he has become such a big part of my life. I have already told him that he is going to be my “man of honor” in my wedding.

I am thankful for my prayer partner Stephanie (yes, I am finally writing about you in my blog!). I feel like I can tell her anything and we can sincerely pray about anything and everything. I so enjoy our game nights that we have almost every week and how she is the first one to offer up her house no matter the circumstance.

I am thankful for my work family. Although sometimes they get really really underneath my skin, we are a very tight knit family that would do anything for one another and I feel like that is very hard to find.

I am thankful for my roommate Holly who I have lived with for a whole year now!! She helps cheer me up late at night after work and is willing to help me with my slight Cracker barrel addiction and is even willing to drive there when we may not be able to get back up the hill because of snow. If she beats me home she has my dog Daisy already out and I am pretty sure she loves her just as much as I do!

That is just the BEGINNING of my list people. The beginning. I can’t even tell you just how blessed God has made me. But hopefully now you can have a little insight into my life.

Bring on 2016.

Sarah Joy.


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