The things that drive me

While there is a well-compiled list of things that drive me absolutely nuts, there is an even better list of things that keep me going.

Here are some of them.

I love the comfort of being home. There is something so soothing about being surrounded by my family. It’s like no matter what could go on in life, everything is going to be okay. I’m a 23 year old woman who still wants my mom or my dad when I’m having a bad day. I am SO blessed in the ways of family.

I love when a crisp breeze wisps my hair across my cheeks; when I take a deep breath in and fill my lungs with the cool fresh air.

I love hanging out with my little sister. In fact, every time we are done hanging out my stomach aches from laughing so hard. She knows me better than I could ever know myself.

I love laying in the the warm sun and feeling it warm my whole body. It fills my heart and mind with straight up happiness.

I love a nice juicy cheeseburger topped with ketchup, tomatoes and a fresh avocado. Who really needs anything else when you have a cheeseburger. Seriously.

I love my dog–probably more than I should I will admit. But, she is such an obedient dog and knows just how to bring me up when I am down. She can sense when I get depressed or anxious and refuses to leave my side during those times.

There are so much more, but, if you want to read those than refer to the blog before this one 🙂 haha.


-Sarah J


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