Oh, hey.

2015 was a pretty great year and I feel like I did a lot of growing–mentally, and spiritually. From having had that amazing year, I feel that this new year can only bring new blessings my way.

I am not one that makes new years resolutions because I feel you should always be striving to better yourself and through the year you will be or should be creating new goals for yourself. So without further ado here is a short list of what I want to strive to do this year.

I want to not be so hard on myself when I mess up because it is going to happen. I WILL screw up–after all, I am only human.

I want to not be so negative toward myself and my appearance. I dug a deep pit for myself years ago and never really pulled myself out of it. So I need to just continue to work hard in the gym and think of myself in a more positive perspective. I am the way God made me and I need stand proud in that.

I want to quit revisiting the past this year. Yes, the past hurt (a lot) and I didn’t realize then how much my choices and decisions would affect me now, but it made me the woman that I am today. I need to just recognize that it did happen and quit bringing it up to my family, to my boyfriend, when I am by myself, when I am in my hometown, etc.

I want to get closer and closer with my Creator. He has brought, dragged, pulled, and carried me to the place that I am today. Through this year, I have seen the power of prayer and I have seen why things didn’t work out the way I wanted them to once upon a time.  But through it all, I have seen just how important a relationship with Him is and how beneficial time with Him is to my daily living.

This year I want to allow myself to feel. To let my emotions out every now and then–instead of being a robot. I want to take care of myself emotionally instead of putting myself to the wayside. I want to let myself love–unconditionally; to not think about it but rather to just do it.

Those are just a few that have been on my heart and things that have been brought to my attention lately. What are some of your goals, dreams, hopes, expectations?

Until next time.

-Sarah J.



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