Let’s change the future

No one seems to realize that what you teach your children, right and wrong, is what they will inevitably believe their whole lives. 


I want my kids to love everyone–no matter their skin color, their sexual preference, their religion, etc.

I want my children to be willing to give the shirts off their backs to someone in need–to want to put others before themselves.

I want my kids to love Jesus. Not just say they love Jesus but to live it out. To follow Him and show His love to everyone they come in contact with. To always look to God before placing a foot anywhere.




I want my kids to save themselves. Now, even in this time it is difficult and I realize that the world’s standards are going to be even more skewed. But I don’t want several people having pieces of them. I want them to be whole and give their complete selves to their spouse on their wedding night.


What are some things you want for your kids?


Signing off,

Sarah Q


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