What do I want?

Oh man, that’s a lot of things. But what do I need? I feel like that’s the more serious  question.

I need something. I just pour out my heart–someone has to pull on my heart to get me to tell them anything. But if I am in a relationship whether it be a romantic relationship or even just a friendship, I need it to be two-sided. If I feel comfortable enough with you to tell you things and you don’t want to tell me anything, it is going to make me want to shut off. Shut down.

Also, it shows me that obviously you do not feel comfortable enough with me to say anything.

I want to be somebody’s confidant–someone’s safe place. I want to be someone that someone can tell anything to and know that it won’t go anywhere. I want to help someone and be there for someone not because I feel like I have to but because I WANT to.

I want to be someone’s safe place. I want to be someone to lean on when times get rough.


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