Thoughts on this Tuesday mornin’

I can’t be the only girl who is bad at expressing their feelings–like, really bad.

I am really bad at talking about them…but gosh can I write about ’em. What I want in a relationship is probably like what most girls want in one–in fact, it’s not a want but it is a need.

I want my husband to pray with me–when I get stressed before we do anything to stop and sit me down and just pray about it, a deep heartfelt prayer.

I want to be a priority. I want him to make time for me in the midst of everything. Besides God, I want to be first. I want to feel like his #1.

I need to be reassured sometimes. Not just in marriage, but in a relationship. Tell me how you feel about me; remind me, because sometimes I need to be reminded.

Make me feel like a woman. Not some girl you picked up off of the street–but a lady with class (because I am a lady with class).

I want you to hold my hand and pull me through the fire that life brings my way. Someone who can calm my anxious heart when I don’t even know how to calm it.

I want you to be there after I have a bad day. You don’t have to say anything, heck, I may not say anything but your presence is enough.



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