August 23 2016

Guys, I’m engaged.

I never thought it would happen

I get to marry the man I have always dreamed of. Like, I get to have him, like, forever. What. I am still in shock. Not only that, but we are having a VERY short engagement. Three months. What can I say? When ya know ya know–why wait? With that comes a lot of challenges… like getting things done in such a short amount of time. Let me show you my list.

  1. Get all things wedding done (Obviously)
  2. Get my passport (my appt is tomorrow)
  3. Heal from knee surgery (that was last wednesday)
  4. Get my dress altered (Sept. 4)
  5. Eat super clean to keep my body in tip top shape (Can’t work out hard until after the wedding)
  6. Make it through all these surgery bills (X-rays, MRI, the surgery itself, possible physical therapy, etc.)
  7. Pre-marital Counseling

I have already found out very quickly that I am going to struggle hard and get really overwhelmed. Why? Well, my coping mechanism is to work out. When I can’t work out how do I cope? Well, last night I sat and cried. With recovery, after a full day of work all my pain tolerance will really allow me to do, is sit. I don’t sit well. So, I cried? Yeah. I know. It’s just tough; also, not to mention that the way I keep my depression and anxiety under control is by working out.  But, I keep reminding myself that I am not even one week out from surgery yet. I’m not behind in my progress, I’m doing the best that I can, etc. I am trying to think positive. I am just focusing on the fact that once all of this stress is over I will get to marry the man of my dreams. I just have to push through all this and take it day by day. If you could keep me in your prayers I would greatly appreciate it.

But seriously, I’m engaged.

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