Why I will not be voting for Donald Trump

If you know me at all, AT ALL, you know that I do not, will not, cannot–talk about politics. However, this blog post is going to be an exception. I do not relate to either party–I am not a democrat nor am I a republican. So, I feel I can write on this touchy topic.

When I was 18-19 I was in a very harmful, toxic relationship. I was sexually assaulted, mentally abused and often slapped across the face. However, coming from that and those feelings still being directly in the light at the age of twenty-four, I have forgiven him, but I cannot forget. I can’t forget the way he made/makes me feel–how dirty and disgusted I occasionally feel about myself, and how I wish I could have done something to change it. Having gone through that and still going through it, hearing Donald Trump’s latest accusations regarding, “Locker Room Talk” has left me completely and utterly disgusted. It lights a fire in my soul that I simply cannot put out.

For America to think that it’s okay to vote for a man who grabs women without their consent because “They know who he is” is so completely repugnant.

“When you’re a star, they let you do it,” he had the gall to say. No, Donald Trump, they didn’t “let” you do it.

Some of the women you sexually assaulted and harassed filed lawsuits against you. Others took their stories public. And still others may have remained silent, in the belief that accusing a rich and powerful man would subject them to character assassination and disbelief.

But the culture of entitlement and denial, sometimes called rape culture, that too often keeps sex-crime victims silent does not mean that the victims “let” you do anything, even if they felt too powerless to seek recourse.

Perhaps rape culture will be disrupted, if only to a degree, when American women by huge margins reject your repugnant candidacy and refuse to “let” you occupy the highest office in our land.

-NY Times

I can’t imagine having daughters someday and having them grow up in a culture with a President who thinks it is okay to grope women. I am not voting for that –I refuse to vote for someone who thinks that it is okay to sexually assault women.

That hurts me.


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